I was five years old when I had my accident.  My older sister, Kylie, and I were playing  at our dance instructor’s house.  We were playing outside when two rottweilers came in our direction. Kylie and I got scared; they were big to a five and seven year old. So we ran. Unfortunately, I ran away from the house, while Kylie ran towards the house. I don’t remember much except that I tripped and fell.

The dogs thought I was a rag doll and started dragging me around, one had me by the neck the other by my legs. Kylie ran inside and got our dance instructor, Lauri, and she rushed outside. She found me lying down the hill from her house with my scalp torn, my artery in my neck showing, and my right ear completely torn off. I was air lifted to the hospital. The doctors didn’t think I would make it. However, I had a wonderful doctor and I did make it. So, 30 surgeries and eight years later my Mom sae Leanne and Frank on Extreme Makeover. At this time I had some hair, I but still had a bald spot on the back of my head. There was no hair-bearing tissue there so hair couldn’t grow. After we set up an appointment with Leanne and Frank, they told me that they  could use their link system to place hair so my bald spot is virtually undetectable. I was so excited!

Finally, I thought, I’ll be normal and kids won’t make fun of me anymore. On April 2003, my dad, my mom and I flew to Beverly Hills, California. We went to IHS and I came out a new person eight hours later! My bald spot was covered  and i knew from then on that i was not going to have to worry about my hair. My hair was the thickest it had ever been. I  was ecstatic! I think my mom cried. Now, 11 years later, at 22 years old, I still have my hair links. I love them! 


Before I went to IHS, I struggled with my hair loss due to alopecia. I tried many expensive treatments which always yielded a negative result. I was not a candidate for a hair transplant and was concerned about the invasiveness of the procedure. My only other option was a wig. I knew wearing a wig would not work with my very active lifestyle. Basically, I had run out of options. I kept cutting my hair shorter and coloring it  darker with hopes of filling in the extremely thin areas. My lowest point was when my hair loss started controlling my life; I stopped attending function for family and friends. I just couldn’t bare all the looks and questions about my hair loss.  

I was amazed by the prompt call back when I phoned the Beverly Hill’s office. I was utterly thrilled when I found out that you were servicing clients in New York City. During my consultation, I was assured that there were options and that I would be a perfect candidate. It was obvious that IHS was dedicated to helping me with my hair loss issue. They changed my life significantly and I know I do not have to worry about my hair.


I was so extremely unhappy because I no longer wanted to wear wigs and my own hair was too thin to style. I would go to the hair salon every week but there was nothing they could do. My doctor suggested monoxide to apply on my scalp but it didn’t help. I felt that my situation was hopeless. About this time I was fortunate enough to meet Frank Mills. He said that I could be helped since I had at least had some hair, even though it was very sparse. I would be an ideal candidate for the Link procedure.

It has been a little over five years now that I have been going to AHI. There is no way to describe how I feel and the confidence that I have with my new look. I can be invited out and not feel the need to decline invitations anymore. I can get up in the morning and leave the house not worrying that my hair will separate and I look awful. My hair is lovely, the color is great and what a terrific feeling to know I can wash my own hair!


For years I had a complex about my thinning hair. I tried wigs, clip-in hair, or pretty much anything from far fetched promising TV commercials to hormone medications. I was so unhappy when I realized that this was what I had to accept as my appearance. There was nothing I could do to have my hair back. Having to worry about how strong the wind is, if it’s going to rain or how to hide this lack of hair, was just too consuming. I was becoming tired and at the same time more and more obsessed about my hair problem.

I feel totally renewed after going to IHS. I had forgotten what it felt like to just wake up in the morning and go into the shower without worrying how my hair is going to look like that day. I regained my self-esteem. I have much more confidence in myself. I now have time to think of things other than my hair! I look glamorous and it feels it too. To be honest and truthful, I did not expect such a wonderful change.

Beverly Hills – New York – Miami

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