1. How many types of methods do you use to augment someone’s hair loss?

We have many different methods in helping someone with there hair loss.

2. Does everyone suffer from the same hair loss?

No, in most cases each individual is different. That’s why we have created different types of non-surgical solutions.

3. What are the most common methods used?

Our most common method is the links procedure and customized hair pieces.

4. What is the Link Procedure?

The links procedure is a method that was created to integrate length and fullness to your existing hair.

5. Are Links a permanent procedure?

No, the links procedure is a semi-permanent augmentation that needs to be maintained.

6. Is this Link Procedure appropriate for any type of hair Loss?

Yes. The links procedure can be done on any type of hair loss.

7. My hair length is extremely short. Can I have the Link procedure?

Yes. Check out one of our clients, Page Brantley on the home page.

8. I suffer from male pattern baldness, what method would be right for me?

In most cases a customized hair piece would be the method of choice.

9. What sets you apart from other companies such as hair club?

Many things set us a part from other companies, but I think what really sets us apart is our ability to solve any hair loss issue and our constant search for finding new and innovated solutions for clients.

10. Can I have my hair colored?

Yes, we have a master colorist on staff.

11. Is this real hair?

Yes. We use 100% European hair personally selected by A.H.I.